There was this Girl - Single

Lanterns of Hope

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"It's time to introduce you to the neo folk storytelling of Lanterns Of Hope. The single There was this girl swells and sways through it's emotional happenings and is surely something new and old fans of folk will enjoy." - BuzzMusic

"Lanterns Of Hope have released a new single titled, There Was This Girl. “The song is about a special person who never found what they were looking for. I really enjoyed the atmosphere the track created and the sweet vocals to match. I can’t wait to see what else this artist releases." - Reignland

"There Was This Girl". "Obviously relatable but also really pristinely put together and not lacking any emotional value. It's all there and it's just one of many songs on the album that makes you want to hear more and more." - Phoenix Music

"The reminiscences which Lanterns of Hope shares with the likes of Leonard Cohen and Elliot Smith amplifies the accessibility of There Was This Girl, yet, plenty of distinction can be found in the raw human emotion which has been poured into the single. Narratively compelling tracks such as There Was This Girl will always be timeless." - A&R Factory

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